Filmmaker Learning CG design & Animation


(Dnoon) #1

Wow the work here is fantastic, I'm a filmmaker, sound recorder and editor. Just over the past two years I've been learning how to do CG art and animation. I've discovered CG animation is way harder, time consuming and labor intense than filmmaking. Got pretty good at basic rigging and animating, but still learning how to do the cool EFX I see here. I haven't tried Blender yet and frankly I wouldn't even know where to begin, I've never sculpted or created UV masks. Where do i find tutorials on how to do these things?

(Catilaporte) #2

Since nobody answered that , here are my 2 vertices...
There is tons of fantastic tutorials on youtube, , if you watch a good 10 hours of tutorials randomly , you get an idea of what you can do with Blender, (basically : everything you can think (dream) of...) then you keep on watching more tutorials adressing your specific project,
Other solution: you take classes like at cgcookies.
Since Blender can do what ever you want:
it is a little hard to learn, but there is amazing teachers all over.
That doesn't mean that, once you know how to use, it becomes simple... :cold_sweat:

(Salex) #3

Blender is very powerfull tool. You can create amazing stuff, just watch tutorials and you'll quickly figure out

(Bart) #4

Time for a bit of self promotion :smile: Here are some tutorials I've collected over the years - you might find the useful: