Final Fantasy characters in Bravely Default style

(Hong Zhihao) #1

Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII
Modeled on 3ds Max, textured in Photoshop
Decided not to use PBR for this since i want it to have more of a painted, toony look.

Thanks for viewing!

Final Fantasy VIII, Squall and Rinoa by HongZhihao on Sketchfab

(Hong Zhihao) #2

Cloud cuts down Sephiroth with his Omnislash. Final Fantasy VII.

Big fan of FF VII, one of the more epic scenes too smile
thanks for viewing!

Final Fantasy VII, Cloud vs Sephiroth Omnislash! by HongZhihao on Sketchfab

(Bart) #3

Very nice work @HongZhihao! And congratulations on getting featured on Kotaku! smile

(Hong Zhihao) #4

thank you smile it's an honour to be featured!


I really want to play ff8 again...

(Abram Jay) #6

Hey dude, check out my edit to your animation lol

(Hong Zhihao) #7

Hi there! nice timing with the sound effects!! It's a great edit!

I have done a version of my own here:
it's like a small gamey demo:

you can check out the actual thing here:
It might take some time to load .

(Abram Jay) #8

Haha awesome. Maybe soon the whole game will be remade to BD style :smile:

(Hong Zhihao) #9

Haha we can only hope :smile: