[FINAL] Medieval Contest: The Living Forest


(Proxy Doug) #1

It's a little late but I'm finally starting the work on my Medieval Contest submission.

For this, I would like to take inspiration from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

For now, the only question I have is, can we base our work on existing properties?

(Proxy Doug) #2

I decided to change the theme in order to avoid conflicts with existing properties and also, because the new theme opens the way for several new interpretations.
The new theme now is Living Forest and so far it has inspired me to create several interesting creatures, so In a way, this contest has taught me the importance of understanding your project early on.

Most models are still un-textured as I plan to use a single material for the entire scene.

(Proxy Doug) #3

Updates have been slow because I want to have the color palette texture finished before posting all the assets, as doing it now would force me to update too many of them.

(Proxy Doug) #4

I made a quick mock up of the final scene with some of the assets done so far.

A few assests are hidden and there is a short animation for something I was preparing.
More later on.

(Proxy Doug) #5

On to the final stretch, things are going to start advancing fast now.

(Proxy Doug) #6

Today I bring a lot of more generic object with a few variations on the collection.

Tomorrow, I'll finally bring on the good stuff.:slight_smile:

(Proxy Doug) #7

And finaly it's here.
I'd love to add annotations adding a bit of illusive lore, but I literally feel physical pain right now, so I'll leave it for another day.
Here is the collection with all the models.

Medieval Fantasy Contest by proxy_doug on Sketchfab

This was a very enriching experience.
Good luck to all the participants.