[Final] Medieval Fantasy Contest - Dark Age Motte and Bailey


(Frankthefish) #1

Starting out with some Sketches for mood and then modular pieces and props that I feel like creating.

The Motte and Bailey in my eyes is the grandfather of the castle. A defended town and a Keep for the lord or lady to reign from. Use of a combination of inclines, palisades and moats is a sure to keep out nasty goblins. Made of wood and/or stone I have opted for a wooden construction for my kitset.

(Frankthefish) #2

some cool reference

(Frankthefish) #3


Starting out with the palisade walls and gatehouse modules.

(Frankthefish) #4

added a portcullis and doors to enter the gatehouse. but a boolean slot in for the portcullis action and a crack inside the gatehouse for its control. Thinking about animation for these later on.

(Frankthefish) #5

Grey boxing the bridge and what the moat could look like.
this one image per post for new peeps is such a pest!

(Frankthefish) #6

was not in a environment kind of mood so I started thinking about the inhabitants of this fortification and came to the conclusion that some Puddle Ducks are a absolute necessity!. I have committed more Geo to these little guys then in the reference material animals but I feel like they still slot nicely in with the style. And for VR the quintessential duck silhouette really matters. Geo is a small price to pay for that definitive, aesthetic and readable Duck shape.

(Frankthefish) #7

The Duck felt alone so I made him a friend with yet another dark age classic: The Goat

shapes are a bit more realistic as far as proportions go than in the reference material so might have to adjust these two fellas later to better match and improve their read from afar.

(Frankthefish) #8

House and Well gray-boxing.

(Frankthefish) #9

Been chipping away at it lost some progress shots in my rush but here is where I am up to;

going to work of human characters then set dressing in the final few hours. Goodluck everyone!

(Frankthefish) #11

All Done! collection with separate assets coming shortly!

(Frankthefish) #12

MattMakesSwords #MedievalFantasyAssets by MattMakesSwords on Sketchfab