[FINAL] Medieval Fantasy Contest - Dark City

(Alex Zaragoza) #1

I'm joining the challenge! :smiley: Will be uploading some images later today :slight_smile:


(Matthijs de Rijk) #2

You realize the deadlines is in less than two days right?

(Alex Zaragoza) #3

I still want to create a couple more buildings before I start texturing. What do you think?

(Alex Zaragoza) #4

(Alex Zaragoza) #5

Yes I know :slight_smile:

I just posted an update.

(Alex Zaragoza) #6

(Becks Townsend) #7

nice fast work :slight_smile:

(Alex Zaragoza) #8

Thanks Becks :slight_smile:

(Alex Zaragoza) #9

(Alex Zaragoza) #10

(Alex Zaragoza) #12

(Alex Zaragoza) #13

There's still a lot of work to do with the lighting. But it's getting somewhere. Feedback is appreciated :slight_smile: