[FINAL] Modular Castle,Village,Siege machines,Army

(Blackspire) #1

I made some kits to make castles, villages, and battles. Here are all the scenes I came up with

(Blackspire) #2

Hi all, sorry for the late update. i'm going to make some siege machines, a modular set of walls, and lots of soldiers, weapons, and props. All the models will be broke down into kits, to make them customizable the most.
Here are some WIPs

(Bart) #3

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Blackspire) #4

Hi all!
I'm posting all the single assets, and putting them in this collection. It will be hard, since there are LOOOOOTS of assets :smiley:

MedievalFantasyAsset-Castle, Siege, Army by BlackSpire on Sketchfab

Then I will upload a couple scenes with all the assets together

(Blackspire) #5

I'm going on with the upload of single models and parts of kits, and I'm starting to assemble some dioramas.

Here I'm posting some scenes made with the kits:

More coming soon!

(Blackspire) #6

Hello! I made a new scene!

(Blackspire) #7

Hi again! I finished uploading the single assets for the challenge on this collection

MedievalFantasyAsset-Castle, Siege, Army by BlackSpire on Sketchfab

I also did two more scenes

(Blackspire) #8

Just some tips on how texturing on my kits work. On some models there are textures, and I made some assets to download all of them. here is one! (this is at 2048p, I also posted 256p, 512p and 1024p versions in the collection)

As I said in the description, you can swap with all the textures in the same line.
Every flag, soldier and weapon has an interchangeable texture for the emblems and the army colors.
The terrain textures are tiled with each other, so you can use the one you want and it will fit with the others. It's important however not to rotate the terrain tiles, that will break the texture tiling!

(Lakos) #9

Terrific! Titanic work and delicious result!))