Find all "Premium" users (as easily as we can find the Pro users)


(D Inoobinati) #1

Is there a way to find all of the premium and enterprise users (and their content), as easily as it is to find the pro users? It'd be useful to have that sort of thing to point to when trying to sell sketchfab to a modern manufacturer.

(Bart) #2

At this time, we don't have such an option. Could you help me understand how it would help you 'sell Sketchfab'?

(D Inoobinati) #3

My company might be talked into having Sketchfab host a lot of our manufactured parts models, something of interest to our academic laboratory clients. However, it'll be hard to sell these guys on the concept (and the cost) if all I can show them is mostly cartoon characters and sci-fi weapons. Surely, it's easy to showcase the publicly available premium user content like you do with the pro users, no?


While you can't browse by subscription type, you could potentially browse by user segment to find relevant members.

For example, Brands: