[Finised] Batwing under city


(Assassin 47) #1

Bat-wing Voxel by assassin_47 on Sketchfab

I very love dark knight story, so i try made something from Batman.

Batwing Under City by assassin_47 on Sketchfab

(Jason Ivens) #2

I like you work so far, can't wait to see the finished product.
My only worry is its meant to have a fantasy theme. Maybe you can include time travel in some way 😄

(Jason Ivens) #3


(Assassin 47) #4

Thanks Jason, I remember this, and dragon or other crappy creature( i still think about this) still in process ^_^. I add them to scene when finish it.

(Bart) #5

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(Elbriga) #6

Nice idea, I agree that it lacks some characters or something :smile:

(Assassin 47) #7

Batwing Under City by assassin_47 on Sketchfab

Well i know i did not manage to proper time, i didn't have time on last week. But i finish this as i want. I finally add some creature. And main hero Batman.