[Finished] - Medieval Feudal Japan

(Becks Townsend) #1

Im a bit late to this party. But this is the beginning of my medieval feudal japanese scene. Set at the base of Mt Fuji.

Still have to fill it out with a lake, foliage, rice field, samurai training ground, people, and all the bits that will make it come alive.

*The textures here are just a guide

Thanks for looking. C&Cs welcome

(Becks Townsend) #3

layout and colour test progress wip

(Becks Townsend) #4

Bit more progress

(Becks Townsend) #5

Last WIPs of todays progress.

Im pretty happy with it considering i ve only been working on it for just under 2 days. Would've been cooler to have more time, but nevermind XD

Tomorrow Ill make all the people and generally hustle like crazy to meet the deadline XD

(Becks Townsend) #6

My final composition and finished piece