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[FINISHED] The hermit's windmill

(Doop) #1

This is just an idea i had fromm Gorillaz videoclip, an hermit on his meditation trip, a never ending trip.

(Doop) #2

(Doop) #3

A little update on almost all the assets, the windmill will be separated in different objects, but i still need to figure how. :grimacing:

(Doop) #4

I might change the windmill, i dont like its design, its too boring to look at, and maybe i´ll be able to make it more modular and "universal".

(Bart) #5

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Doop) #6

Made some clouds, this way it will be easier for the viewer to see that the windmill is actually flying.

(Doop) #7

Changed the windmill´s aspect, i also made lots of others assets along with this new model.

(Doop) #8

Back look of the scene, with some wooden gears, trees, etc, i feel that the floor is too empty and flat, i´ll try to find a way to solve this.

(Doop) #9

Some minor updates, im planning on adding more animals variety. (PS: the levitating antigravitational rat will be fixed, the one turned upside down, the other one is running :smile_cat: ).

(Doop) #10

I dont really know if seagulls will be ok for the scene, maybe i´ll make pigeons instead.

(Doop) #11

(Doop) #12


(Doop) #13

Im getting close to the 50k poly limit, 38k poly so far, i might be finnishing the scene soon.

(Doop) #14

Slowly adding some animals and life into the scene, hope to get to the 50k poly count.
Dog 288 tris, 170 verts.

(Doop) #15

He might be an hermit, but everyone lo ves some company :grimacing:

(Doop) #16

The clouds on the right had too many innecesary faces, so i remeshed them (with the tool of the same name in blender modifiers), and now they are way too low compared with the old ones.

(Lorem Ipsum) #17

really? I like the edgy ones more :slight_smile: the round are not for that style I think

sometimes it's good to walk away from a project for a moment :wink: and come back the next day ..

(Doop) #18

Yes, the ones on the right were the first models of clouds i made, and all of them (a lot of them duplicated) was giving me something like 18k tris, a lot!!! So i will use the ones on the left, thanks for the feedback, and yeah, everyday i do a little bit, but ideas fly away from me :tired_face:

(Lorem Ipsum) #19

haha, I see where your ideas took you to.. :smile:

It looks fabulous!

(Doop) #20

Thank youuu!!