First 3D car model - thoughts and opinions ;)


(Maxzix) #1
I have made my first 3D car model and I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions about topology and quality of the model. And of course the price for that model you would suggest.I dont know what are the prices of these kind of models so any help is appreciated.. Thank you very much

(theStoff) #2

Overall what you have here is a nice model. The topology looks good overall except for the mirrors. They are pretty dense and the edges are a bit wobbly. The reflected part also appears to be decimated. One other thing that would help would be to match the number of spans on the window trim to that of the door.

(Maxzix) #3

Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, I need to repair. The mirros and it is good thing toamake same edges on windows and on door, and of course, on other objects also.

(theStoff) #4

No problem! Keep at it!