First character for games

Hello guys!

I have been studying for this last year anatomy and this is my first character a made it with focus on games (Prince of Persia Warrior Within for new generation), I will be grateful for any opinions on what I could improve.

Thank you!


Character and weapons have very good textures. Some details, should be on normal maps, because They have too many polys. What about T-pose ? For the first time, this object is very good. Good job :slight_smile:

I second what neuroup said - very impressive altogether!

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I agree with @neuroup very nice textures all around, maybe you could add a bit more polish.
Though I think for a next gen model you could add even more polygons. These days AAA devs have huge amounts of them. Very impressive for the first character!

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Thank you for the feedback!
Normally for the new generation is used how much polygons?
This piece I try it maintain up max 100,000 tris.

Thank you for your comment!

Thank you for your feedback!
Which parts you think would be good for normal map instead of polygons?
About the T-pose I gonna upload the screens when I got home later, I think is better upload the screenshot than the 3d model no?

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at the beginning I would start with buttons :slight_smile: In a few places, you have also a little too many faces :slight_smile:

Well, it all depends on the game to be honest. But some game devs use around 60-130k Poly. So its about double the triangles. I would say around 60k poly would be OK for next gen games like FPS (but don’t forget to use LODs). Also, it really depends on the scene, if it needs loads of details, you will have to adjust.
The mobile games should be much lower, but again, it all depends on many factors.
Try and adjust :slight_smile: