First person navigation - Walk speed broken?

(Fr3ak) #1

it seems that since about a month or two, the walking speed adjustment stopped working properly with the mousewheel, on any model I’ve tested it on, on various windows pc, using chrome.

is there a workaround, another way to modify that value?
I’ve tried to smash all the keyboard buttons but it seems that the mousewheel is the only way.



Sorry about that. It was also reported here.

It’s a known issue an we have fix coming soon, ETA next Tuesday.

The only way to do it until then is by adding a parameter to the model URL, “?fps_speed=xxx”. You can also go directly into first person mode like this:

(Fr3ak) #3

that’s a perfect workaround

sorry I couldn’t find the other topic.



The scroll wheel issue should be fixed now!