First purchase...paid for model download discolored and lying down when imported into AR

Made my first 3d purchase.

I got 3 files downloaded.
One file shows up a “gold color” when imported into my AR program (adobe aero) and both llama files imports lying down as seen in photos. They should begin standing so parallel with x,y,z. Both seem to be messed up.
I know I can rotate the lying down model, but it makes all the movements and animations double the work because it does not start parrallel to the floor. So anything you do does not match up x,y.z.
Some of the animations are lying down and some are standing perfectly.

Im fairly certain files should not act like this as any free 3d downloads have been standing and ready to go. This is my first $20 purchase and its impossible to work with unlike the few free ones ive tried.

Is there a way to fix this. Ive sent in a support request but no reply in almost 24 hours. Thought i’d try here.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you,
Our support will reach out via Email with a refund as the seller didn’t apply the correct orientation among the animation sequences.

We’re sorry for any issues it may have caused,
The Sketchfab Store Team

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If you use blender apply all transform ( reset xform in 3ds max) then export FBX