First time upload problem - please help/advise.. thanks

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Hi all, i just signed up as a Pro user to upload my first model with data obtained via a drone. Im new to this, and it was my understanding that i needed to upload the .obj file (126.5mb) along with the .jpg, which i did but still did not get the result i was after, so tried again with the .obj, .jpg and also the .mat, which did actually put the colour image onto it but the wrong way, the result I'm trying to get is this as a model...

the models:

thank you



Looks like something went very wrong with the export of "Golf2 Simplified 3d Mesh". Is it supposed to be the same model as "Golf Simplified 3d Mesh"? They look like completely different models, both geometry and texture (e.g. the sand traps aren't the same)

What software are you using?

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Hi James,

Yes the 3 models you see are all attempts on my behalf of trying to post the same single model of the site as pictured in the post, the third attempt...coming out a different shape bemused me even more!
The original processing was done by a colleague in Pix4D, with the outputs sent to me, up until recently i was only interested in the orthomosaic but then wanted to post the model hence the signing upto post models upto 200mb. Im pretty sure the files i have here are correct, but the workflow to get them onto your site is what I'm having trouble with, and if there is processing to do via another piece of software before being able to post then i certainly havent got a clue then, if thats the case?... can i dropbox the files to you to see off they are correct and it can be done ?Cheers

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Apologies James,

One of the models is from a different data set, I've just realised. Im uploading another date set now to see how that turns out..


Phew, if those were the same data set, I would be very confused!

Let me know how it goes.

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James, I'm slowly managing to get there now! I've managed to upload the .obj and then manually add the textures to the models, so good so far.
Issue now which i could do with your help is the movement/orientation of the model on the Mac and iPad; it seems i have 2 axis and not 3?
also, one of the models (Golf 1) is not showing on my home page, though it is available in the 3d setting tab...does it take a certain amount of time to be verified by a member of staff etc..? Thank You


You just need to rotate the X-axis once in "Straighten Model" to fix your up-axis. Here's a video: