Fishing boat - finished model

(Renham) #1

please give me some feedback and suggestions on how to improve my work.

(Shaderbytes) #2
  1. The textures are to big 25mb?

  2. Way to heavy handed on the post filters. vignette should be quarter the strength it is now , DOF is pointless as well and just ruins the viewing experience. If there was an entire scene with stuff in the background then DOF would make sense.

Fix those things first so we can actually look at you art :slight_smile:

(Renham) #3

you are right after you pointed out the vignette was way too heavy, also the model lost a lot of quality as I had to decimate the high poly model to upload it into sketchfab, the final model can be seen in my artstation.

(Shaderbytes) #4

The filter adjustments are a relief :slight_smile: The detailing is still good even with reduction. Great texture on the boat hull. I checked it out on artstation as well :slight_smile: I gave it a like and followed your account here and on artstation. Great work.