Fishing village [COMPLETE]

(Khangarooart) #1

Hi guys,

For the contest I was thinking about how the Legion invasion would affect the common people as well and not just the army of Azeroth fighting them.

The story is: No one is spared from the Legion's might. While the Legion's main forces are fighting against Azeroth's army, raiding parties were sent all over to sack and burn everything in their path. This simple Pandaren fishing village was one of them before they move on to their next target.

This would be an aftermath scene showing the destruction cause by the Legion and a portal leading away to the next village.

Did a quick 3D block-out to try and figure out scales and composition for now.

(Michael Calvert) #2

How many characters do you plan to have?

(Khangarooart) #3

No characters I'll just be doing the environment for this

(Khangarooart) #4

Decided to make the scale smaller so it has better focus. More basic block-out for now while I start the actual models.

(Bart) #5

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Khangarooart) #6

Got basic color and AO in. Time to texture.

(Khangarooart) #7

Current WiP on the textures.


I like the compactness of it-- can't wait to see it soon!

(Games Joblin) #9

Maybe my WoW bias helps a bit (played it maniacally for years), but I like it so far.

(Ayhankin) #10

awesome job Khang!

(Khangarooart) #11

Thanks guys. More WiP, hopefully I can finish in time.

(Khangarooart) #12

Final submission! Had a fun time and learn a lot. Good luck to everybody~

(theStoff) #13

This looks great! I particularly like that wood texture. It might also be cool to have a sky sphere of some kind. Maybe it could be an eerie green, cloudy sky or something. I feel a sky of some kind would pull you in more and sell the piece a little better. It's well done either way though, good job :slight_smile: