Fix Random Faces on Object?

So this is my first time uploading with sketchfab and my model has these stretched faces on the chest for some reason.

I thought it was a problem on my end but in blender and the raw fbx there is no stretching.

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That is quite a common issue with sketchfab. Sketchfabs algorithm is designed to fit on most devices, but it tends to give buggy results. From what I remember (something I read in the forum once) Blender and any other software have a higher tolerance. On sketchfab, a total of 4? bones can affect the mesh without breaking, in Blender it is a lot higher. Maybe there is a bone that still affects the chestarea, but it is so little you don’t even notice.

You should check again, if not, you can ask them to do reprocessing for you. Also, is there a chance that you have overlapping vertices/faces?

Nice model btw

As TheLastAirBender suggests, checking bone weighting is a good place to start, but it’s also worth checking for n-gons (faces with more than 4 sides) around the area where you see the stretching. When automatically triangulated can give the sort of results you’re seeing.

From a quick look at the model info on your upload, I can see that you do have 5 polygons, so definitely worth checking that.

The model is all tris, and I can’t find any n-gons. Also I couldn’t find any overlap. (Thanks for the compliment :smiley: )

My bad I just looked at sketch fab and there are some n gons where it stretches, but not on the fbx or blend file? I fail to see how that happened.