Flat Earth, MedievalFantasyAssets final

(Nathanwondrak) #1

This has been a perfect challenge and opportunity for me, I was so excited about playing with those ancient concepts and believes people had like flat earth. This is a bit embarrassing to publish like this since I don’t consider it done. I got some terrible news last week that the mobile game company I work at has defunct, so I obviously there’s a lot of stress involved searching for a job. But I liked my concept and I would’ve hated it if I didn’t even try, so here it is or at least the concert. Hopefully I will get to finish it later when things settle down. I really wanted to add a lava dragon, a ice Gollum, and electric cloud being fighting over the Center Crystal. But for now really have to find a job, so if anyone knows of anyone hiring please let me know, thanks. https://sketchfab.com/models/289dddd6980d4b12812d86694ed39ae3