Flickering models / textures iPad 12.9, ipadOS 13.3.1

I noticed recently that the seaweed in my Sea Chest scene was flickering with black blocks and diagonals when viewed in Safari on my iPad Pro, (12.9", ipadOS 13.3.1) I had this problem a couple of years ago but it was fixed as bug in the Sketchfab renderer I think?

This doesn’t happen when I view the model in Safari on my iPhone (7, iOS 13.3.1)
Have upgraded phone and iPad to lates OS and problem still happens in Safari on my iPad, OS 13.4

Here is an screen grab -


Hey There

I just test on the newest ipad 7 late 2019 model and it has this same flickering problem. IE used to be the evil browser before … now it always apple causing rubbish.

Thanks for testing

From the screenshot it looks vaguely like a Z-Fighting issue. If you change the ‘Faces Rendering’ to ‘Singled Sided’ for your materials, do you still see the flickering?

Thanks for your reply @nomadking.

I changed the Faces Rendering setting in Materials to Single Sided and the problem is not as bad but I still see flickering on the seaweed in Safari on iPad Pro (2nd Gen, ipadOS 13.4)

A minor improvement, but still pretty weird. Do you see it in the 3D settings window or just with the published model?

With @shaderbytes finding it on another model of ipad I think it’s needs someone more technical to have a poke around (@james). Do you see the issue in other browsers on your ipad? Or just safari?

I see it in both the settings window and published model when viewed on my iPad Pro 2nd Gen (iPad 13.4), but not in the settings window or published model when viewed on my 2017 iMac (10.15.4), which is consistent with the original viewing problems.

well if it is something the dev team can fix they will sort soon im sure , but if it is some bug on apples side then it obviously takes longer :wink:

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I totally understand. This is something I have wanted to look into for a while and see if I can fix.

I’ve just uploaded a new scene and entered this into the ‘Friendly Bot Challenge’.

The scene is showing exactly the same flickering on my 2nd Gen iPad 12.9" (ipadOS 13.4.1)

It loads and displays fine on my iMac (macOS 10.15.4) and iPhone 7 (iOS 13.4.1).

Materials have single sided enabled.

As far as I can tell it must be ipadOS.

Scene is here https://skfb.ly/6SoGG and screen grab below -