Flipped normals


(Tellesvinicius) #1

I've been trying to upload a file from inventor to all kind of extensions (obj, dwf, fbx, igs), all of them I got similar issues, geometry has some flipped normals or geometry has no normals (on the dwf)
Does anyone has a solution?

Issue on publishing


Can you send me a link to the model(s) so I can take a closer look? Does the shading look correct?

(Tellesvinicius) #3

I'm not sure if I can share it because it never leaves the draft mode.


I can see Draft models because I'm Staff. Also, the Publish button is fixed now.

(Mrchlblng) #5

@tellesvinicius you can mostly ignore the "flipped" normal warning. When you have a processing log stating that some geometry has no normals, it's mostly to tell you that we computed the missing normals (using a 45° crease angle).

We are aware that our current reporting needs to be improved and will hopefully work on this soon. If you have some feedback (e.g. what you'd like to know about what we did with your model), we'd gladly hear your feedback!

(Madalin Berechet) #6

Do you have mirrored parts (features) inside inventor assembly(part)?
Try to collapse geometry by exporting to .stl format.
Load .stl directly to Sketchfab or re-load to Inventor and export using Sketchfab exporter.