Flipped UV Map when export model from blender

Hi there, I used to export some model from blender to sketchfab without any problem but this time I try to do by same way I can’t, My models have flipping or mirror uv issue when I see in sketchfab.

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I’m also facing issues.

Both the Sketchfab exporter plugin and the regular Blender file upload to Sketchfab produce the same result.

Sorry to hear that! I have informed our 3D team, but I’m not sure they’ll see it before Monday…

Hi all,
I have faced the same problem with my last upload. (Evrything was OK in blender but in sketchfab the textures were upside down, or partially apllied on some objects)
To solve this issue I have use the Mapping option in the materials tab (UV transformations : rotation, UV offset, scale)

If it could help you to solve your problem… :wink:

Honestly, This method is not right way but works , another alternative that you can export model as FBX then drag it in Sketchfab it works, Unfortunately for blender files we have problem.
I aske Sketchfab developer to fix this issue for the blender community early.
Sorry to bother you and thanks.

I just heard back that we do have a confirmed bug with .blend files and a fix will be available shortly. post an update here when it’s available.


Hey everyone, we just released a fix for this issue. Can you please test again and let us know if this solved the issue?


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Hi Bart,

For me the issue is solved.
Both the Sketchfab exporter and uploading a .blend file look ok.



Thanks Eduard!

Yes, It have fixed very well,
I am grateful to Devs.