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Floating Forest Scene


(Cryptednessie) #1

Hi everyone!

I making this tiny forest scene and started out from scratch.
I made a few sketches and went on from there.

Started to model it


I'm planning on finishing the crystal and maybe add a little fox or squirrel in there.
I also uploaded so if you guys wanna check that out here is the link:

WIP - forest scene by CrypticNessie on Sketchfab

Feedback is always welcome!

(Nomadking) #2

This is a great little concept - I love the texturing on the foliage and plant life. It definately something else on the island, but maybe when you get the Crystal back in there it will be enough :wink:

PS: Your embed model is broken Change the link to:

(Cryptednessie) #3

Oh thanks for telling me the link is broken!
I hope I can finish the crystal somewhere next week but I'm thinking of remodeling it

(Electrocactus) #4

Really good texturing job! I like it!

However, you should work on presentation, aka: sketchfab scene.
Everything is really dark and hard to see. You should try, just removing the background blurred image and add solid background. Remember, lighting is really important, try adding extra lights to show viewers, where they should look!

Good luck!

(Cryptednessie) #5

yeah I'm quite new to sketchfab, thanks for these tips

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #6

I agree texturing is great , I like the look of this model and the use of decals/foliage is also great.