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Floating tower from Mardum [COMPLETE]

(Antonio Jn) #1

Hello guys, this is my second contest here in Sketchfab, the fist one was the chest of wonders, it was very fun, now, I could not miss this one about WoW, I was thinking to do some WoW fanart these days, and I thought, why not to join in this contest... So the first day I already started to do something....

I'm doing a small diorama, I'm using a tower from a concept of the game, and the other elements i'm creating. it will be a floating tower from Mardum planet, surrounding by many rocks. This is what I'm planning, but if I have more time I will add more elements.

I hope you enjoy, lets see what happens!

Concept from the game


(Pear) #2

looking good :wink:


Awesome start, can't wait to see where this goes!

(Bart) #4

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Antonio Jn) #5

Here is a quick update.... I started the painting using 3dcoat, I prefer to to the basic details there, and small ones in photoshop. Now I'm just testing the place of the emelents the general vision, so the painting is really quick without details, I want to figure out the best way to do this base of stones first, after that, I will go to the tower itself.

(Bolovorix) #6

Ooh, really looking forward to this Antonio!

(Svartbergson) #7

Oh, this is looking great! Can't wait to see the result.

(Antonio Jn) #8

Hi! Thanks for the new comments!

I have some improvements for the textures, the stones for the base is almost done, some details is missing yet, but I will start the tower because the time is short. Also you can see the mesh, there is some messy yet, I will fix it later. I will try to finish before the deadline because I want to have a time to improve the things.

(Michael Calvert) #9

This is looking great! Really like the design.

(Antonio Jn) #10

Thank you guys @rawrsoft @svartbergson @BOLOVORIX @bartv @c0re @pear

Here is another update, I started to paint the tower itself, the design changed a bit, its not like on the concept, I'm just following the general idea.... some areas need to be polished a bit more, but I will keep painting the rest of the tower, because the schedule is tight haha...... There is nothing special in this update, just painting in 3dcoat and PS, also I'm still trying new colors

(Ayhankin) #11

goregous!! I am not surprised tho :slight_smile: with your skillset I did not expect less!

(Antonio Jn) #12

Thank you mate! @ayhankin

Hello! Here is some new wips, the tower is almost complete now, is missing some vfx, I hope to have some time to work on that!

(Khangarooart) #13

Awesome as always Antonio! Can't wait to see the end product :smiley:

(Antonio Jn) #14

@khangarooart Thanks man!

Hi! Finally its done! the last days I was just improving the textures and trying to create some VFX, also there is no sculpt here, its all handpainted ... well that is it, it was very good to participate again, and good luck for all. Thanks!

(Antonio Jn) #15

Guys, just to confirm I already add the tag to my model but I can't see in the final list, let me know if is missing something... Thanks in advance! @bartv @rawrsoft

(Simon Kratz) #16

I can find it among the tagged entries if I press "View all" @antonio_jn. Really nice work, this is one of my favourites! :slight_smile:

(Antonio Jn) #17

Ohh cool, thanks for explain! :slight_smile: @essimoon