Flying car model from the concept art

Finished my flying car model!
check it out here

or just an image here, but its boring :stuck_out_tongue:


a mix between old and futuristic design. Kinda looks goofy but at the same its so creative and innovative.

“Ladys and Gentleman, every day we progress, develop new vehicles, yet sometimes we also got to appreciate the old classic. Thanks to our innovators of warkama industries, we can make it possible to combine the old design with the power of the future. Just imagine yourself getting the comfort of both old and new, feeling the fresh breeze of air and making your dream of flight come true, while remembering the old nostalgic days. I may present to you, the one and only of its kind, the warkama classic hammerhead 3000”

hope you like the advertising and keep up the good work!!!

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Haha, that’s a great ad!
Warkarma Industries, love the sound of that! :+1:

i really like this design but color combination is not as good as it has to be for this art. :star_struck:

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I gave Blender cycles a go

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It’s so perfect. Well done work mate. I love it.