Flying Vertex(s) glitching into space frequently when uploading models with animations

Hiya, This isnt my first time uploading a model that has animations + armatures, however it’s become a frequent occurrence on sketchfab to always generate these weird flying vertex that seems to have zero weight data and just glitches into space, sometimes to infinity.

My suspect is when working in blender, sometimes it old vertex/weight data or history is never deleted, resulting in an imperfect export, however i tried exporting it as an fbx to see if that was the problem, but it was not.

In my older scenes which i’ve created on sketchfab, the usual solution is i have to manually scourer the viewport for the stray verticies, go back into blender, purge (delete) them, then fix the UV and weights and that usually solves the problem, though I would like to know from the technical team why this happens ?


Sorry for the delay. This looks like one for @norgeotloic or @waleguene.

Does it work if you upload the .blend file directly or use our plugin instead of uploading FBX?

No. But the plugin has its set of flaws, there should be a upload by collections button in the 2.8 plugin, the selected objects one is vague, when selecting childs of my collection hierarchy the plugin spits out an error