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FMA: A tale of 2 Brothers [WIP]

(Dark Minaz) #1

[warning spoilers] and their dead mom, a dog, a gate, a girl, a War, alchemy and more.

Dear Sketchfab Community

After the last event i figured i could start posting my Works in Progress here and might get some Inputs or tips along the line.

Story: Edward and his Brother Alphonse saw a Dragonball Episode and thought "hey we could fusion too" ... so .. yeah they did. In some way.
Plan: Create Alphonse (or more accurate his armor), remove the left arm and the right leg and add edward's automail. Add a "adult version of Ed" into the head. Maybe add some objects from other charakters (a red armbind from the head cloth from winry, smokes, pocket watch, a glove from mustang, who knows at this point but id like to add a few things :P)

The whole idea started when i added this to my last model

So day 1:
Starting with the basics. Spiky parts, Big parts.

Starting to add some details and some more poly on a few objects since i forgot i wanted to leave it low poly to start with :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 2:
Adding the head, or the low version of it. Working on the mask to be more accurate.

Another Camera Angle

Had to stop the head at some point, since it would go out of the helmet. And if i put it lower the eyes wouldn't align properly. Well in the end you won't see it anyway since there is a helmet in the way so i decided to leave it at that for the moment.

Added more poly, more details.
Still got to add edward's hair, i had a yellow block there and it did make it look way better, but i first plan to do the big parts before i loose myself in details again.

That is my current status, if there are any inputs of questions, just shoot, ill try to dodge and answer :smile:


(Dark Minaz) #2

And the work of today, did the hair, even if i said id do it later .. somehow it just didn't look the way i wanted it without :smile:

The hand, i had to slightly change the original design since the more i look at it, the less it could work, well i'm sure there are some internal workings but well slight changes here and there should be allowed :smile: still not sure how i create the arm and the hand though. Since i still want to keep the overall look but in a way that it could move. Just modeling the joints "black" seems kinda wrong.

And well some more work on al's armor :smile:

After redoing the hand for a million times (well 3 to be more precise) i found a compromise between the original design and kinda slightly less "block" form.

Next update will be tomorrow.

(Bart) #3

Awesome, I love reading those WIP threads! On a related note - how did you like the game? I'm considering purchasing it, I love adventures. I read that the navigation is a little confusing though as you control both brothers at the same time?

(Dark Minaz) #4

If you mean Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons .. it was great, a bit short though. had no issues with the controls, i just added a gamepad^^
From full metal alchemist the last game was 2005 and as far as i heard it was crap :smile:

Redid part of the hand until i found a good compromise between the original "block" and a more organic form. And added the parts. The arm is still nowhere near the end result. But it's starting to look more and more the way i wanted it :smile: Got a few hours of free time so probably spend it on 3d modeling

Some teaks on the hand (boarder to the arm), and the finished version of the arm.

(Electrocactus) #5

Only my oppinion, but:

Thumb looks kinda wared, probably, because hand is too cube like and it kinda stick out of one side. What I would do, add a bit of roundness and extra lines, to show the viewer, the shape of the hand. Plus make the thumb joint a bit different, similar to the rest of the fingers.

Something like this (20s ULTRA CRAPPY OVERPAINT): :innocent:

(Dark Minaz) #6

thanks for the input, i went for something in between, as i still try to keep a few things of the original.
But you were right, i added more of a part that comes out and less of a "ball on the side".

Also made everything a bit more "bulky", since it would look extremely weird with one skinny arm and one that matches the hulk :smile:

finished the other hand, the more "glove" like hand (turns out creating a normal hand is rather complex, at least the first time of doing it correctly without messing up the whole quad system :P) , and a bit work on the leg, since they are similar i could reuse large parts of the arm :smile:
Guess tomorrow it's time for the rest of the right arm (bit more details) and finishing the leg.

(Dark Minaz) #7

After quite a lot of starwars models i decided to take a short break and finish my Appartment tower and work a bit more on my FMA model, more details to the legs and worked on the arms a bit.
Also edited the lower belly-legs connection part and since i edited that i had to fix the cover thing.

Rest of the right arm and the foot on the right and i guess i'm done with modeling.

(Dark Minaz) #8

Still not happy with the foot but it's starting to get there where it should, kinda start to realize why most 3d models of edward have boots on ^^

(Dark Minaz) #9

After a lot of forth and back i decided that i really don't like the original design of the foot and that it kinda doesn't fit anything.
But since i really want to give him a mechanical foot and not a boot i decided to create my own kinda foot design.

also the other foots (at least the ideas i kept for more than 5 minutes)
... never knew how hard creating cyborgs is .. and how bad humans are constructed .. we would be so much better off with paws ... a claws ..

Fixed some parts of the Arm, and the other details that i wanted to change.
And did a little test render, still no textures done on anything but personally i am happy with the current look.

(Bart) #10

@dark_minaz I've opened a new WIP forum and took the liberty to move your thread there. You're the first! :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #11

alright, even if that wip will be done in a few days .. kinda depending on how i prioritize my time on this or the starwars thing. Or rather, if i want to model or do textures :smiley:

(Bart) #12

No worries, I think it's a great example to start the forum with :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #13

HighPoly Version, fixed uv's .. or more like made uv's, each color is a seperate uv set and seperate material, so i can paint on each part and can do detail painting. (yeah you could do it all in 1-2) but i hardly see the point since i am not planing on using it in a game, so there are no real limits to poly or texture size.

14 Materials overall, time to get to painting.

(Dark Minaz) #14

Still a long way from done, but i need to go to work in a few hours so i'm calling it quits for tonight.

(Dark Minaz) #15

Pose, staff and a cooler stand have to wait till the Starwars contest ends.
But textures are done so far.

Full Metal Alchemist, Fusion by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

Order 66, commander Cody! (annotated scene)
(Dark Minaz) #16

since i am done with the starwars contest
i got time to go back to this and enhance it.

- edit the uv a bit, not 100% happy with it, now that i did learn a few things here and there
- add a rig, t poses are ultra lame
- add weapon, because .. well spears are cool.

- add the gate from my halloween model, enhance the texture there
- give a better stand

(Dark Minaz) #17

Started with the uv, i think you can clearly see where i'm done and where not :stuck_out_tongue:
I just hit auto before to get some time for the star wars entry.

But now i can do it better and i have the time for it.
Surprising how kinda okay it did look, even with the quite terrible uv. But with a proper uv, some ao, a nice pose it could become even better.

(Dark Minaz) #18

man that took ages to finish the uv, but after 3 hours of moving uv's around i am happy with it.
Next texturing, then i start with the spear.

(Dark Minaz) #19

redid almost everything in texturing, not happy with the skin and the hair but the rest is kinda like i wanted it.
probably start with the weapon soon, still didn't fixate on a specific look, since i plan to use the original but also change it slightly to combine the look of the "fusion" in the weapon.

(Dark Minaz) #20

quite a while since i did an update
so i finally found some time and did the spear, did spend quite a lot in substance this time, but i think it was worth it.

FMA Spear by dark-minaz on Sketchfab