... FN P90 Rifle

(The Timeburner) #1


Im back with an FN P90. And this time,with textures.


This is my first try at PBR and I wouldnt have done it without the help of Tim and the community at Chamferzone.com. Go check it out.

Here is the WIP thread.


Zeal & Fury!

(Stephomi) #2

That's really nice!

But I believe you can definitely improve the setup in sketchfab.
Just by spending 2min in the sketchfab editor, I could get something closer to the marmoset render on artstation (we don't support SSR, so it won't be as good) :

(The Timeburner) #3

Thanks @stephomi :slight_smile: Is it better now?

(Stephomi) #4

Yep, that's better!

But I'd say it's still a bit overexposed. Adding a fixed directional light (mainly to cast shadows) could help on the final visual too.
Note I'm not a lighting artist though.

(Gistold) #5

Hello @the_timeburner !

Nice modeling, but few points:
Your shape can be more smooth, it's a little too "low poly", you need keep your triscount for the important part of your model.
You doesn't have used your tris count with the good way, for example:

Here, you have a lot of useless vertices.
this useless vertices can be used for smooth your shape, for example:

This part need more vertices.

I invite you to look the P90 by Tim Bergholz, here:

Look at the edge flow and the allotment of the vertices, Tim has focus the primary shape.

About the render, if you want you can try this:

@stephomi says true, your P90 is too overexposed and you need directional light with cast shadows.

Hope this comment has help you, if you have question, don't hesitate!
Have nice day!

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Thanks @gistold

Maybe I shouldnt have triangulated my mesh then? And thank you for the pointers,I will keep these in mind for my next model.

Also,I'll give this settings a go. I am still new to all these and Im grateful for people like you! :slight_smile:

Zeal & Fury

(The Timeburner) #7

I set the settings like you did. But,I have no idea how light works and how to position them,so it is not perfect. And I should probably change my background image,since it makes it look dark.