Folders for Sketchfab Models would be nice


(Ndrakey) #1

To store the work in progress models inside, so they dont appear 10 times in the users`s gallery.


So you'd like a way to see progress / versions of a model from a single page?

(Ndrakey) #3

yes, would make sense to me.

(Simon Kratz) #4

Cool request! It could match pretty nice with the idea of "WiP" models someone had a while ago. Tagging models as Wips and adding them to a Folder that contains the whole project with different versions.
- No clutter on your profile page, just the final model or the folder that contains the whole project
- Its easier for others to follow the progress of a model. You don't have to search someone's whole profile page but have them sorted in these "project" folders.
- People would be encouraged to post more models. I often don't post wip models because of the profile cluttering and because I don't want to scare off followers with bad wip models :smiley:

ArtStation has a nice approach to this. You only upload "projects". If you only add a single model/artwork to the project it's just a regular upload like it is in Sketchfab now.
But you always have the option to add more versions or related work to these projects. In that case they become more folder like.

(Nomadking) #5

+1 to the Artstation Project idea :wink: