Forced limitation of the zoom when viewing a model?


(Lapin) #1

Hi all. My name is Steve. I am a sculptor and 3d artist. At the moment I'm working on creating avatars of some famous people and Sketchfab provides an excellent opportunity to view the results. But I am interested
Sketchfab to limit the zoom when viewing models. I would not like that unscrupulous dealers have placed high-resolution screenshots on the resources of Shutterstock or some other image Bank. The example view. No closer.



Thanks for your interest. We don't have camera constraint features yet, but it's a common request and something we hope to implement in the future. I've added your +1 to the request :smile:


(Lapin) #3

Thank you james for donated hope. Have yet to use YouTube or a GIF animation. :smiley:

(Docjana) #4

Hi, just wanted to know if this feature is available now? I really could use constraints on the camera's zoom- min and max...


Not yet!

(Docjana) #6

Okay, but when can we expect it to happen?


I have no ETA or roadmap for you at this time, but it's one of the most requested features - we're listening.

(All3d World) #8

+1 for zoom limit for me too please

(Rlbuhrow) #9

Add another request for a zoom limit function.

(Aero Cinem A) #10

Please, limit the camera zoom

(Rémy Bouquet) #11

This feature is coming pretty soon.


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.