Forced Upgrade - Bye, bye Sketchfab

I won’t delete the message so that no one takes it wrong…

A bit dissapointed I must say. As we sell in the store I+m pretty sure you have made money pur of pur sales, enough to pay for these “plans”.

Hello there,
You signed up on Sketchfab as an organization, we’re glad you’re using it for your company!
Our terms of use require organizations to be at least on a Premium plan. You can upgrade directly .
Note you have 15 days to take action, otherwise, your account will be disabled: all your models will no longer be visible on Sketchfab or anywhere else you’ve embedded your model(s)
If you believe you are an [exception], please let us know.
Thank you,
Sketchfab team

I guess this is it for us here…

If the rules apply to everyone else, why shouldn’t they apply to you?

We informed you yesterday that you’re exempted because you’re a seller. Did you not receive our update?

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Message received, Bart. Thank you!
Nothing else to say but to thank the consideration and hopefully with future models and products I can make some of our buyers jiun the community.

I did not expect special treatment or anything, just saying that I didn’t agree to this new rule, if it applies then it’s not in our interest.
I’m sure the store brings the company good income, kicking out store sellers didn’t seem like the right move there, master.
Thank you for your time tho.
All solved, Cheers!

I think if you used a better translation service, you might have got your point across better in the first post, studio.
Glad you got things sorted, Cheers! :nerd_face: