🔥Forum update: Sketchfab profile button + Short link support

(Bart) #1

I have two important forum updates to share with you today:

Sketchfab Profile Button

It is now finally possible to visit someone's Sketchfab profile page from the forum. Just click on their username and then on the blue 'Sketchfab profile' button.

It took us quite a while to get this done as it relied on an update of our forum software, but I'm very happy it's there! My next wish: make it easy to see more forum activity from the main site :smile:

Support for short link embeds

Embedding a Sketchfab model on our forum is super easy. SO easy in fact, that many people miss it :smile:

You only need to paste a link to a Sketchfab model in your message and it will expand into our player. Make sure the link is on an empty line and that there is nothing else on that line:

Hey, check out my awesome model here:


Pretty cool, right?

As of this week, you can also use the 'short links' that you can get in the 'Share' dialog:

So as of now, the following code will also work:



That's it for today. If you have any thoughts on how we can make the forum better and easier to use, let me know! If you'd like to run some kind of community activity here, I'm happy to discuss that with you too, just email me or send me a private message on the forum.

Feature request: Bring forum and main site closer together
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(Simon Kratz) #9

Great work guys, this is pretty useful!
Supporting your next wish as well, Bart! :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #10

What i personally would like is the option for a signature as in a max image height of 20-30 pixel (to avoid block signatures) or 2-3 links to last created topics. (or links to your sketchfab profile, a homepage or whatever you'd like to use it for)

Of course with an option to not show signatures of other people, in case someone doesn't like the idea.

(Bart) #11

Hmm, I'm not a big fan of signatures really - they usually make the conversation on a forum very messy and hard to read. I rather like the clean look that we have now :smile:

Discourse has the User Cards for that - you've already done a great job at yours I must say.

(Bart) unpinned #12

(Dark Minaz) #13

hmm then might it be possible to add the last topics to the user card?
at least i like to sometimes look if someone got another topic that i might also be interested in without having to click on the icon, then the page, then on topics.

I know it might just be me beeing lazy, but loading a new tab/page is usually the extend where "whats more in this forum" to "ill just click on the model link and see if he got other models"

but i get the signature part quite easy to have a few that mess up the entire page or tend to have "funny" stuff in it

(Bart) #14

If you have to choose between that and other community improvements, would it really be at the top of your list? For example, I'd love to see a link back from a model page to the forum, saying 'This model is discussed here on the forum.

(Dark Minaz) #15

on my list it would somewhere between
imagelink of the model for sharing on sites that don't feature the embedding
autolink from model to topic (as you mentioned)
- around here -
desktop notifications the time it happens (or maybe thats just a bug for me, it just seems like many notifications come wayyyy later)

but thats my personal view, i assume it's not as important to other people.

(3dmiracles) #17

Hi Bartv,

How can i embed with the short link ?
With youtube, we can get the id, but sketchfab, i don’t know how to convert the short link to embed link :frowning:

(Bart) #18

Here on the forum? Yes.

(3dmiracles) #19

wow, can you give me the link or show me how to do that ? i try to search but dont see it. Thanks a lot.
B/c i have a short link, and i want to embed it to the website ( not do by hand). with nomal link, just only add “embed”.

(Bart) #20

On any platform that supports oEmbed (like WordPress or Discourse - this forum), you can just drop a link or shortlink and it will expand into the viewer. On other platforms, you should grab the embed HTML code: