Forum updated to 2.4.0beta10


We just updated our Discourse forum software to the latest version. For those who are interested, here’s an overview of all the changes - for each release, I tried to highlight the biggest user-facing changes:

New features in 2.4.0.beta2

  • Improved tag search

New features in 2.4.0.beta3

  • No major user-facing changes

Discourse 2.4.0.beta4 Release Notes

  • Maintenance issues only

New features in 2.4.0.beta5

  • ‘Quick Access Panels’ - I REALLY like this change :heart:

New features in 2.4.0.beta6

  • No major user-facing changes

New features in 2.4.0.beta7

  • No major user-facing changes

New features in 2.4.0.beta8

  • Added support for tag synonyms, improved polls

New features in 2.4.0.beta9

  • You can now pin a featured topic to your profile

New features in 2.4.0.beta10

  • Started planning Internet Explorer 11 Deprecation (Discourse support ends June 1, 2020)