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Hey finding the auto login on forums incredibly annoying as it doesnt let you choose which account to use.

We have a company account for sketchfab models and personal account to interact on forums. We have it this way because it seems very unprofessional to make posts from company on forums, I mean you cant imagine nike or microsoft doing it can you?

Currently I have to be incogneto every time i want to post as forums as the site refuses to let me use another account. please fix thanks!

The first time you log in on the forum, it uses the account you’re currently logged in as on the main site. To switch it, just hit ‘log out’ on the forum, log in to the desired account on the main site and log in again on the forum. After that, the forum will remember this username.

Hi Bart,
Thanks of your reply but yes its obivious how it works, please read and try and understand what the request is -

Issue is its unprofessional to post from company accounts on help forums

It really distracts from branding

As a startup we need all the exposure you can get and until I requested my forum posts to be deleted, my stupid questions on forums are appearing before my website which is unacceptable.

Please either allow independent logins or allow different name for support contact.

Would you like me to move this thread into feature requests?

I’m afraid I don’t fully follow. What do these two things mean?

  • allow independent logins (you already have this, you just need to be careful when you log in to the forum)
  • allow different name for support contact

Can you describe how such a system should ideally work?

By the way: moderators can re-assign a post to another user. So if you post something from the wrong account by mistake, just flag it as ‘Something else’ and request a re-assign (include the desired username).

Re - independent logins-
oh really? i cant seem to get a login/pw dialog up.
If i click “log in” on forums, it automatically logs into main sketchfab account without asking for user/pw.

Re - different name for support
Ideally this is my preferred option as it keeps everything to one account. I see in account preferences that you already have “username” and “name”.
Would be great if forums displayed “name” instead of username… for example:

Account username: Lunar Architects. - company name
Name: John Smith

Sketchfab main site remains unchange…

However posting in forums will be under “name” e.g- John smith on behalf of Lunar Architects.

You can make it simple for users so if they dont fill in the “name” section, then it defaults to username so it shouldnt affect your current structure.

Avatar pic remains the same.


Just log in to the forum as the username you want to use there. Return to the main site, log out and log in under your company account - done. You’re now logged in to the main site as your company and into the forum as your individual user.

Since there is a simple and effective workaround, and you’re the only user who has ever asked for it we won’t be adding support for this kind of ‘multi account’ at this time.

Thanks Bart!
Workaround does everything I want, no need to add anything else!

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