Found a website distributing sketchfab without approval

[URL REMOVED] seems to have several of my for sale model from sketchfab downloadable free. I sent them a copyright notice, but it seems the majority of the items are from sketchfab & figured you guys should know… Also should I file a copyright claim - UDRP dispute with the website and domain host / name register?

Yes we’re aware of them and have taken steps against them. All Sketchfab models should be removed soon. If you have any URLs of your models that appear there, please DM me with their Sketchfab link and [NAME REMOVED] link, this will help us increase our efforts.

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Yes they also have many of my models.
I wonder if I should continue uploading models if they can be downloaded for free !
Please indicate how to proceed.
Should we sent you the links to the models being hacked ?

You should be able to email them a cease and desist letter. You can also file a dispute with the domain register & server host.
You can file a dispute with ICANN, and the UDRP under copywrite violation, with a lawyer you could force the privacy domain to reveal the identity of the domain owner & payment information.
Technically this falls under Unauthorized Computer Access in the (CFAA) the computer fraud and abuse act. 18 U.S. Code § 1030 - Fraud and related activity in connection with computers | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute
Main UDRP Bodies:
*National Arbitration Forum -
*World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) -
*Asian Domain Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) -

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Hi @trevorwgraphics,
You should first try sending an email to the webmaster.
I did so yesterday and received a positive answer.
My models have been removed few hours later.


Which email address did you end up using to contact them?

The email address displayed on the bottom of main page: [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED]


Thanks for sharing that, we will encourage anyone else affected to contact via that address too

If Sketchfab had the same functionalities of [NAME REMOVED], i would use it more, but as a noob i need a very easy methode to rig models and to animate them, as Maximo also does… i like sketchfab alot but it lacks functions like that…

The site you mentioned has nothing to do with model rigging, but with distributing illegal content. I removed all references to their name + urls from this topic.

Sketchfab is not aiming to be Mixamo - we each have our own strengths!

Hi @bartv, when looking for occurences of my models on the www, I also fin this website with explicite name:

[link removed]

Are you aware of this ?

Hey Fred,

Yes, we are and we’re taking measures to stop them from doing this. I removed the link from your post for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank’s @bartv

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