FOV in Screenshots

(Gilles38) #1

I am using screenshots a lot these days and I have a question for the staff about the FOV value. Just keep in mind that I know nothing about how FOV is done or calculated so what follows might be silly...
But basically, after loading a model with the default value (0), if I enter a FOV value, says 30, and then go back to the default value (0), I don't get back to the same initial view that I had after loading. Is this expected?
An example here:
When loading this model with a FOV at 0 (default value) I get this:

When changing the FOV to 30, I get this:

But when going back to a FOV=0, I get this:

Is this expected?
Thank you

(Shaderbytes) #2

it seems the first time it loads the fov is not actually zero. Must be an initialization bug or something. The last image for fov 0 is the correct one since the perspective is totally removed.


It should be initialized with whatever FOV is used in the model's settings. I think the default 0 in the field on that page is just a placeholder.

(Shaderbytes) #4

I see then either it should be populated with the loaded data or left blank since it is obviously misleading in this regard


Yep there are some other improvements that would be nice, like URL params