Frankenstein Lives Again! DONE!


(Technoir) #1

Hi how are you guys!
This is my entry for the contest, the call "Frankenstein lives again"
I hope to reach the final and hope you like it too.

(Bart) #2

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(Technoir) #3

This is a preview sketch of the characters, i hope your like it!

(Technoir) #4

Here goes another, he is Frankie!

(Technoir) #5

Hi everyone!
Here goes another concept, i hope your like it!

(Andyvargas) #6

looking sharp!! cant wait to see some 3d!! :'D

(Technoir) #7

Thank you a lot Andy!

(Technoir) #8

Hi everyone!
Here goes another concept.
"Igor" i hope your like it!

(Simon Kratz) #9

Looks great dude! Are you doimg concept art professionally?
I like how the small guy reminds me a bit of Plants vs Zombies :smiley: Wonder what kind of scene you will come up with.

(Theedstar1) #10

This concept art is fantastic its almost as if their on a cover of somefing i love this presentation almost forgot it was supposed to be 3d thats how good these are....... good work

(Technoir) #11

@essimoon Thank you so much for the coment!
Yeah. I do some concept art projects!
I'm already making the concept of the environment of the characters, I hope to upload today!

(Technoir) #12

@THEEDSTAR1 Thak you very much
I hope to upload more designs these days!

(Mcsephiroth1313) #13

Wow! I agree with @THEEDSTAR1, the presentation looks professional. That's awesome that you're doing three seperate characters. Are you going from high to low poly or the other way around?

(Technoir) #14

Hi! @mcsephiroth1313 thanks a lot dude!
I will work on poly and handpainted.

(Technoir) #15

Hi guys here goes the environment for the scene, i hope your like it!
@essimoon look! This is the concept of the castle of frankenstein, I want to put the characters here.

(Technoir) #16

Hello everyone!
This is my advance, base mesh Frankie , I hope you like it !

(José Guilherme) #17

Wow! I shound have seen this before decide to come in, your art is amazing Technoir! Can't wait to see it on 3d.
Wish I had those 2d skills...

(Technoir) #18

@joseguilherme Thank you very much, I'm glad you like my work!

(Ingrid30) #19

My friend this is really awesome, I hope to see end 3d :grin:

(Angieteickner) #20

Wow this is great. Cant wait to see when its finished :smiley: