[Free 3D Tool] Create 3D terrain with elevationapi.com

I found out about this easy to use tool that can create 3D models of real-world elevation maps with just a few clicks. Try it out for yourself: https://elevationapi.com/playground_3dbbox

It only took me minutes to export this crop of Mount Snowdon in Wales, UK in binary glTF:

Feel free to share any models you create and upload in this thread! :world_map:


Nice tool. Did You used any 3D software for this tool ? I need to see how to import it into Unity 3D, or Blender 3D :slight_smile:


wow, nice to know that! thanks for sharing this!

The tool is completely online. One way to get the resulting 3D model into Blender or Unity would be to upload it to your Sketchfab account and use one of the importers:

Good to know. I have to test it :slight_smile: