Free and Downloadable

The sketchfab website use to have a filter to see only the models that are free and downloadable. The filter option seems to be removed. Is there some other way of finding models that are free and downloadable?

Hello. I still see the downloadable filter but not the free one and i think it’s because of marketing to show off the Sketchfabs store’s models but if you press downloadable you will still find free models.

Sorry i forgot to press it.

At this time there’s no filter to highlight the free models. “Downloadable” includes both free and store models. The free models will not have the “$” symbol in the top right corner of the thumbnail.


This totally works for me, thanks.
I am able to see which ones are free, but also maybe consider buying some from the rest shown.

How can i find the free model for omega vrt350x. I need it on urgently basis