Free camera movement in Cardboard VR?



I usually use the sketchfab website or app to view models in VR on my Smartphone. However, It’s a bit upsetting to find you can only teleport around objects and look at them from the same consistent eye level. Is there any way/feature to let me control the camera more freely and move it around similar to fps or orbit mode?

(Aleahy) #2

Hi, how would you control the camera movement from within a Cardboard headset?

Have you seen an example of this working well with Cardboard?

The closest I can think of is probably Google Earth where it just simply moves forward, toggled by tapping on the screen. Moving around a scene, rather than teleporting, is a pretty uncomfortable experience on most Cardboard devices.


For the most part I’m just looking for a way to change the eye level of the viewer so you can look at the model from a lower or higher angle. (And this is NOT the same thing as just resizing/rescaling the model itself)

(Bart) #4

Aleahy had a good point - how would this work? Cardboards only have one button.


Well for now, all I really want is some way to change the eye/floor level of the viewer, like with some kind of settings option/menu.

(Alexwann202) #6

Hello guys. Yes I agree. It would be extremely useful to use drag and pinch gestures on mobile screen to position yourself exactly where you want to be in relation to an object in VR mode just like you can do it now in normal non VR mode. Its funny because they had this function a few years back and if you click on a little question mark at the bottom of VR view the popup explaining how to move around VR space is still there.