Friday Fritures - what we're hacking & creating

(Nataliak) #1

Every Friday afternoon the team has a "Friture" session where we work on community requests, fix small bugs, and hack together new features. When you tell us what you'd like, it may well get built on a Friday wink

Here's a sneak peak at what @arthurjamain is working on....

Can you guess what it is?

(Moroplogo) #2

Could we choose several environments?!/search?q=mr%20mime

(Nataliak) #3

Hmm - it's about being able to use markdown for your description and annotations wink

(Nataliak) #4

It's Friday again - and we've got another friture for you!

This time for your mobile devices - an easier way to filter when browsing models.


Have a good weekend!