Friday Hangout: What have you been working on this week?

(Bart) #1

It's Friday afternoon and I'm getting ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend! This is a great time to take it easy, get a (virtual) drink and hang out with you guys in the community a bit. What have you been up to this week? Anything exciting that you'd like to share? Let's chat!

I'm pretty excited about the way this forum is starting to grow. People are connecting, some have offered to help us host a meetup (really cool, guys!) and the Cultural Heritage group is growing so fast they may soon need a forum of their own wink.

We switched the forum homepage to 'Latest' view to see if this would encourage more conversation. What do you think?

On the content side of things I hope you noticed our Valentine contest - the first entries have already been submitted smile I also have some interesting new articles coming up, I'm sure you'll enjoy them: next to publishing more tutorials (like this week's tutorial on using OpenStreetMaps data) I want to give more space to artists to talk about their work.

It's been a good week! What did yours look like?