From 360 photos into SketchFab environments?

(Jmyllari) #1

SketchFab is an awesome software for editing VR!

Our students use tinkercad and shoot 360 photos with Ricoh Theta. Is there a way for them to combine these two into a VR "thing" by e.g. transforming the 360 photos into HDR / environments?


(Bart) #2

Yes! Our team member @louis actually just posted a quick tutorial + template file for this.

(Jvouillon) #3

Hi, you can also use your Ricoh Theta in manual mode to shoot different exposures, and combine them ( with Photomatix, Affinity Photo, etc ) to get an HDR file, you can use in Sketchfab to illuminate your models.

(Jmyllari) #4

Is there a way to make these work in VR mode? I seem to get a 360 photo sphere/object in VR, i.e. not a sphere that can be navigated inside of.

(Bart) #5

You'd need to have a navigation plane to 'lock on to' with the 3D cursor. Perhaps you can try adding a (somewhat) transparent floor?