From Darkness, Comes Light

(Van Hauss) #1

Anduin vs Mal'Ganis in the Stormwind throne room.

I love the idea of Anduin having become king, following the death of Varian. As a demon hunter, you get to introduce yourself to him, and during the moment, the legion attacks. All the other Alliance faction leaders were there and fought, but we didn't get to see what he's capable of, so in turn I want to create an alternate version where he faces off against a dreadlord, Mal'Ganis, who was a favourite character of mine in the warcraft 3 campaign. The diorama will constitute Mal'Ganis bursting through doors leading to the throne room, and having a harry potter style face off against the powers of light wielded by Anduin.

(Van Hauss) #2

Did a quick sculpt of Anduin's Head before I move on to his body. I'll sketch out some ideas of the clash soon.

(Zachary Hixson) #3

Lookin' nice! I knew exactly who that was before reading. Can't wait to see where this goes!

(Michael Calvert) #4

This is a great start!


Love the sculpt! Looking forward to more!

(Joshua Knorr) #6

Awesome start! cant wait for more

(Van Hauss) #7

Spend some time making him younger, he looked slightly too old for the legion time frame. Also adjusted facial features to closer match that of the cinematic version, but using proportions closer to overwatch's than wow's. Moving on to clothing now.

(Research Proposal) #8

The caption was perfect. It is quite interesting. From darkness , comes light - Definitely we need an object to replace another.

(Van Hauss) #9

Base Clothing in MD.

(Van Hauss) #10

Step by step, gotta figure out his staff next and will take the time to work out posing too.

(Tgi) #11

Aw man the clothes turned out awesome! What do you think of MD? I've been thinking about getting it because it looks like it's so much faster to sim than sculpt certain types of clothing :slight_smile:
Anduin looks great!

(Van Hauss) #12

I love MD, I use it on a weekly basis so it didn't take me long to throw the outfit together, instead of spending time trying to sculpt it out, specially trying to get the folds looking natural but also doing the pattern inlay without stretching or scaling issues was a plus. Since I was going to keep it simple, the base folds was enough for this particular project.. It has huge amounts of room for improvements, but already has a good set of features. The sim speed is awesome as well as the way the cloth behaves, it's definitely more natural than other cloth sims I've used.

(Van Hauss) #13

I designed a staff for Anduin rather than his wand/mace thing which I think is called Fearbreaker. Felt as he was older, he needed something with more presence. Choose a gryphon as a primary feature as it's an icon of stormwind alongside the Lion. Gryphon = air, air is typically associated with thought, to differenciate from the lion which is more associated with strength.

(Van Hauss) #14

Alright, finished the sculpt on Anduin. :stuck_out_tongue: not necessarily happy but gotta move on.

(Bart) #15

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Van Hauss) #16

Still working on retopo, kinda boring so haven't posted anything up, will do soon, only Fearbreaker left to do, gotta rearrange the seperate items so they're all on the same sheets etc.

(Van Hauss) #17

(Van Hauss) #18

I don't think I will finish this competition lol but going on anyways.

(Van Hauss) #19

An update to textures.