From Sketchfab collada download issue with textures maps etc

(Hskolnic) #1

Hi, I am a newbie. When l download a model with fbx or obj format the materials look like the model on sketchfab. However, when I download with dae, the models in 3d programs shows no textures or colors. I look in the unzipped dae download and the maps are the in a separate folder. If you have a way to solve this, please let me know. H

(Mrchlblng) #2

At the moment, we do not modify the uploaded data when a model is downloadable i.e. the archive you download should contain the originally uploaded model as well as textures added in the editor.
If the user did not upload new textures and kept the same texture names, I expect that you should have the same rendering as on sketchfab. I'm just not sure this really is a matter of the format you download.

In the future, we might offer a way to "bake" the materials defined in the editor in the downloaded model but that's a tough subject (especially since no format really support PBR materials natively at the moment, maybe gltf will fix this).

If you need further help on this, please provide some links so that we can have a more detailed look!

(Dark Minaz) #3

You can simply open your editor and drag and drop the textures in your material slots of the model.

In general it's color / farbe
roughness / reflektivität
normals / normale

and then just drop them in the slot where it says "texture"