"FROM THE SAME AUTHOR" as you call it

(Dumenieu) #1

I want to choose by MYSELF what appears on my front page.

"FROM THE SAME AUTHOR" as you call it.

For the moment it is not possible.YOU, sketchfab, choose ( the most popular).
Please improve my way , please.
Let us free to choose!

For instance if I could choose I like the idea of "the most recent"..
( artists always like the last thing they did )
or , for fun "the less popular" ect ect.
Please do that for 2017
( I asked Bart 2 months ago)
Joyeux Noël , btw

(Dark Minaz) #2

most recent would be way better so +1 to that request from me
as it stands i have 3 models that probably stay the same all the time and are not exactly my personal favorites in terms of what i am the most proud of.
Or an option to select up to 9 models you want displayed and it randomly takes 3 of those.
So we could selfpromote models that we think should get some more views :slight_smile:

(Dumenieu) #3

So we could selfpromote models WE LIKE and choose!!!!!
thats my proposal!!!!

(Dumenieu) #4

I want to be free to self promote myself LOL
( and for me , 3 is enought )

(Dumenieu) #5

houhou ! someone here around ?


Hey guys,

Yep, we've discussed this briefly and hope to implement it in the future.