Frozen Castle Blender Process

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This topic is going to cover what I did on blender before transferring it over to sketchfab. If your interested on just viewing the major progress than fallow this topic.

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I started by creating rough shapes to block out the area I'll be working on.


The Ice that's holding the castle together is created by using a curved plane that was displaced by a noise texture that blender generated.
Creating this mess.

To make the ice looking materiel I set up a node to make the glossy and transparency work together. (hopefully I can manage to transfer it over with a baked diffuse texture)


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Next I created some props, a skeleton skull to be exact.


Used some 3d scans from 123D as reference materiel, than added materiel to the skull and transferred it to Sketchup. Than got this.

Skullz Alone by meow098oli on Sketchfab

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That's not exactly what I wanted So I looked around to try to figure out how to get materiel on the skull without using nodes alone, so I decided to bake the diffuse. (For the purpose of this topic I'm not going to edit the skull above but in the final version it will include the texture.)
It will end up looking something like this


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I created a pumpkin as a prop using simple node setup than backed the diffuse color to it so it will transfer well over to sketchfab.


Next I started setting up the inside of the house, trying to make a nice and calm atmosphere to contrast with the darkness. Setting up where objects will be places and there shaping the house out.


I gave the scene more color and gave the objects textures, I felt I can't spend to much time on textures because I realized that I'll have to edit the objects on sketch fab which will take time.


Next I created what will be in the house by having rigify as my guidelines for the marionette. Since I don't have my house textures or a tablet to make any, I garbed some textures from the zbrush library and from pixabay. Stenciling out the smiles :jack_o_lantern: (I think marionettes are super scary) .

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Another update :D, sorry about not being able to show the processes of making the marionettes. If you guys really want to know it was mainly just using rigify as a placing points with cylinders as paper toilet. The faces were just painted on like spray paint. (btw: they are made out of toilet paper for a reason)

Well now that we got the scary part out of the way we need a victim for my scene. First started with his base.


Next his Halloween mask, which is just a sheet over his head. Made by just doping a high-res square at his face.


It had to many faces on it so retopo was necessary after all he will probably be showing up more than once in the scene.


The normal are applied to it but I didn't pick the best angle to show it -.-'


Added some spice to his shirt, I'll be changing the back so it will be the same color as the shirt. Planning to sculpt the shirt and pants because it looks kinda bland compared his mask. For now though I'm going to put more effort on the scene it needs a lot of work and time is running out.

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:disappointed: I won't be able to upload anymore because of issues I'm having with the screen shooting software. I don't have the time to fix it.

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