Full screen annotations ? Resize image?


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Hi all,

I search for long time now but i can’t find it.

1 - How I can have a “full screen annotations” ?
2 - How I can resize image inside annotations ? They are very tiny
(I use markdown for insert the image and it work well but the pic is too small)

Thx by advance !
And sorry for my bad english.

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Hi @archireality - it sounds like you have reached the limits of annotations at the moment.

I began a discussion about updating the annotations style way before I joined the Sketchfab Team - your input would be valuable.

How and why do you wish to re-size annotations? I can take your feedback to the team here.

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Hi @nebulousflynn thanks for your reply,

Too bad !
We need to illustrate some part of our model with pictures but they are very tiny.
It’s a real problem for us.

It’s not possible to create a pop-up with the image ?
It can be a solution.

In this post : Change annotation size?
James talk about a “full screen annotation” but i can’t find it.
Maybe I miss understand.

Thx by advance.

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The full screen annotation James is talking about is based on your screen size i.e. you will see the full screen annotation if you are on mobile or a small tablet. There is currently no way to force this view on a larger screen.

If you are experienced with coding you could build something using the Sketchfab API

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Thx for the answer !
Unfortunately we don’t know how to do this.
Are you sure it’s possible with coding ?

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Yes it’s possible, have you seen this annotations sync example on labs.sketchfab.com?


or maybe this example by 3Dicons:

Both use a side panel but you could code an overlay instead.

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Thanks for the reply,

We work on it !

I let you know when we have something good.

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We are really near what we want,
Apple exemple was perfect for work!

I share you our link


now we are working on the CSS part

Thanks a lot!

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wow - this works really well, I look forward to seeing the final result!

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Hi! I whish you the best for 2019!
We are still working on it!
Next step : oculting annotations when they are behind geometry !
Do you know if it’s possible?


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Done !

(i made it on the “1” point)


(Nebulousflynn) #12


If you are able to, it might be very useful to other users if you would share the code / set up you used to achieve this.