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Full screen ipad

(Formanosque) #1

full screen option (or button) on ipad doesn't appear
iOS updaded iOS 8.1.2

(Bart) #2

(I've moved this post to the Support category).

We're aware of the issue, iOS currently does not allow us to go full screen. We'll work on it.


@formanosque - One work around is to add '/embed' to the end of any Sketchfab model URL.


(Dkorcas) #4

Yes, that seems to work to add the /embed. Seems like it would be an easy thing to program into your software.

(Mosheca) #5

I've lately noticed (IOS8.2) that if you rotate the iPad in vertical mode the Sketchfab model fills the entire screen width. Not perfect but much better.

(Leon899) #6

I just find out that sketchfab can not support the full screen view on ios system (ipad), but it supports to my Android phone Samsung galaxt s4) as full screen view.


Yes, I believe it's a limitation of iOS.

You can add '/embed' to any model URL to view it in full screen:

(Mauricesvay) #8

I can confirm, the current version of iOS doesn't support the fullscreen API.