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Fullscreen VR view in Chrome on iOS

(Rob2) #1

How do I get rid of everything except the two model view windows in VR mode (basically fullscreen) using Chrome on iOS.

Cheers :slight_smile:



It won't work in Chrome at the moment, but it does work in Safari.

We're also planning to launch native iOS and Android apps very soon.

(Moliorarchitects) #3

Ho do i get full sfreen on web vr for safari it doesn't appear on mine


If you rotate the phone to portrait orientation and back to landscape orientation in Safari, it should go fullscreen.

(Moliorarchitects) #5

Doesn't work for me on iphone 5 running latest ios

(Skypickle) #6

Not only can I not go to full screen, I also cannot go to first person walk mode. All I have is the ability to look around.Help?